Major products ( self lubrication bearings and mechanical parts)

  • Materials
    • Iron wires
    • Copper wires
    • Copper and iron wires
    • Stainless wires
    • Other materials
  • Shapes
    • Ball shape
    • T shape
    • Straight pipe shape
    • Gear wheels
    • Irregular shapes
  • Applications
    • Home electrical appliance
    • Sewing equipment parts
    • Agricultural machinery parts
    • Office equipment parts
    • Metal parts
    • Hand tools parts
    • Lock parts
    • Toy parts
    • Auto parts

Oil bearing features

  • Automation, large volume production, low cost
  • long time use without lubrication
  • good for low speed operation with good lubrication and friction low
  • high accuracy and good surface lubrication
  • low noise and mechanical service life

Mechanical features

  • automated production, low cost and stable for accurate measuring
  • high density and high torque with good hardness for large load
  • supply in difficult shapes and no need of processed products
  • good for other surface processing and increase usefulness